Successful traders

Financial markets are full of surprises, letting some get enormously rich while others (who are in majority unfortunately) lose all their capitals. But being patient and striving to perfect their skills many of those who lost in the very beginning still have their chance to become lucky millionaires someday. On the other hand those who got rich in the beginning thus becoming all too confident and stubbornly righteous may someday turn into complete failures complaining about the injustice of financial markets. The stories of those failures are dull and monotonous and you can read them on any forum dedicated to trading, while the stories of those who succeeded and falling from the top climbed their again without losing their confidence are inspiring. Earning a lot of money dealing in volatility arbitrage is not rocket science …

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Psychology of Traders

In the financial markets there are many players who are sellers and buyers. And as any other persons gathered in a crowd they start following the common sentiments. A person saves individual traits until he becomes a part of the group. It happens because joining something bigger begins to control the person’s behavior. There can be many reasons for this but the most important reason is a sense of pressure of the large group. If you are a trader you should save your personality. This will give you a chance to recognize changes in the crowd sentiments and use this knowledge for making a profit …

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Individual Trading Psychology

Emotional state of the trader directly affects his deposit. Even the best strategy verified for years can cause losses if a trader is upset or full of fear and hazard. A result of using any trading instrument even the best one mostly depends on a person but not external factors. A self-confident trader has more chances to make a profit even he uses the worst or silliest strategy because he controls his emotions. When trading in the financial markets you should always be mentally ready for your success …

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Trading Psychology

What is the financial market? Isn’t it a crowd or lots of people selling or buying all the time? Many people just want to make a profit in the market. All price changes are evoked by changes of sellers’ and buyers’ opinion about the good and ideal price for trading at the current moment and in the ongoing conditions. Understanding this fact opens a lot of opportunities for a professional trader because the crowd psychology is very simple and one-dimensional. Studying the crowd sentiments and being out let you catch the moment of changing the tendency in the market and start or stop trading successfully …

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